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Greetings from Dick & Nancy's 50th Anniversary
“Loved seeing the Fireside Inn pix -- our kids remember ringing the bell and we sure remember all the laughs, especially the time Tom and Dick were trying to catch the bat inside the cabin. I thought Nancy and I would wet our pants when the boys thought they had gotten it and it turned out to be a sock. Those were wonderful times and wonderful memories.”
—Jan and Tom Mellen

“Congratulations on your 50th!! Celebrated ours 3 years ago. We loved looking at your old Fireside Inn photo memories. It is amazing the memories Fireside has created over the years. The Fireside Inn is celebrating 100 years of family vacation memories. So glad your daughter gave us a quick call about your website.”
—Sincerely, Bob and Lois McConnell, owners of the Fireside Inn since 1975.

“Hi Nancy & Dick, What a joyous occasion and the website is such a lovely gift from your family (and many, many friends also). Cy & I wish you the very best and at least another 50 years of laughter & love.”
—Mary Do DeMeulemeester

“Congratulations Dick and Nancy on your celebration of 50 years of marriage! What a remarkable blessing. The photo gallery organized by your special, large and beautiful family is a tribute of love and appreciation. It was a delight to view! Your wedding photos look like they came from a fashion glamorous! God's continued blessings to both of you and your beautiful family.”
—Lisa and John Boyle

“Congratulations and many blessings in the next fifty years! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute!”
—Nancy Mason Bordley

“Dear Dick and Nancy, I really enjoyed your web site. It was fun to see your beautiful family too. Congratulations on 50 years of bliss.”
—Linda Romito

“Nancy and Dick Congratulations on your 50th. You have a great marriage and wonderful family. It has been a privelege to know you both and to be connected to your family through Mary and Bill. May your happiness continue for many more years. Love, Della and Bill The website is fantastic.”
—Bill & Della Pratt

“We really got to know Nancy and Dick in our golden years. We have many delightful times with them in Venice as well as in our home in northern Michigan. You probably did not know this, but Nancy and Patsy like to shop. While strolling In Venice Patsy noticed Nancy?s china, Golden Wreath, in a resale shop. Don's Mom?s pattern was the same. Our daughter, Michele, has her grandmother?s china. Nancy and I bought the china and split the order in half. Well not exactly, Nancy gave me more than half.

We have many wonderful breakfasts at Altheas and dinner at the Thai restaurant in Sarasota. We have also enjoyed many rounds of Hand and Foot, an addictive card game. We plan to have many more in the years to come.

We loved the pictures on the web site. We wish Nancy and Dick, and all their family, health and happiness and many celebrations of their future anniversaries. ”
—Peggy and Don

“I just took a walk down 'memory lane' and I loved everything that I saw. Brought back thoughts of very happpy times. But what about Fireside Inn? Good times there!! What a great tribute to two very special people. Congrats on your anniversary.”
—Joyce Dillworth

“Happy 50th! Hope I can make it as long as you two have! Congratulations!”
—Laurie Bailey Many

“Nancy & Dick,

What a great milestone! You've had a wonderful life with so many children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors..we enjoyed looking at all your pictures. You both have set a tremendous example of what it means to be a good spouse, parent, grandparent, neighbor and friend. Your example will carry on through your children and grandchildren. We enjoy having you as neighbors and friends.”
—Love, Kathy & Dave Williams

“Thinking of you.”
—Larry & Anne Moran

“Dear Nancy and Dick,

Congratulations of your wonderful and blessed 50 years! Your close family is a reflection of your faith and love together. Your friendship is a treasured part of our lives. May you continue to enjoy good health and "Dick's Trips"!”
—Love, Sheri and Dick

“Dear Nancy and Dick,

CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS MILESTONE OF 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE! Since we first met in 1971 as neighbors on Courville Drive, you and your family have been a living example to the world of how to keep and respect your marriage vows and covenant to God...What a gift we've shared all these years and I do not believe it was an accident that God brought our families together. Your love and support over the years will always be an important part of our legacy to our children and loved ones.

We have so many wonderful memories we cherish, and the miles do not lessen the legacy of the Brennan family. Thanks to this Internet, we are never out of touch...Dick and I join with your precious family in celebrating your love and living your beliefs. Yours is a marriage to be emulated as it has all the ingredients necessary for success.

Sending our love and best wishes for continued health and happiness in the years ahead...Our news is that Dick retired this month and is beginning to enjoy his life and our home and grandchildren daily...God bless you and keep you forever in his merciful hands.”
—Dick & Marita Batenburg

“Dear Nancy and Dick,

What a wonderful blessing!!!! Tho far away and so many years, I have wonderful memories from when I first met Terry and figured he had to be a pretty good guy if he had friends like you! Memories of Fireside..bed time checks, food and laughs..and a cedar spider in our cabin that I seem to remember Dick helping Terry smash... God bless you both and be sure to enjoy many more years together. And thanks to your kids for this great web site!”
—Love Mary

“Congratulations!! What a wonderful legacy you two have left in your family and all the lives you have touched, including ours. I hope Nancy's father is looking down and smiling about the guy he thought had no "get-up-and-go". Know that Jim and I will think of you on the 21st and offer thanks that we had the good fortune to have you in our lives.”
—Love, Kay (Spicer)

“What wonderful memories we have of our friendship, beginning in the 4th grade for Jan and Nancy, and continuing through the early years of our marriages when we, with our young families, spent time at picnics, each other's homes and at Fireside. Distance and raising families has kept us from spending a lot of time together but I know that we would pick right up where we left off if we did get together. We spent our 50th with our whole family in Vermont last year and it was wonderful so we certainly wish the same for you. We did laugh at some rather old pictures of Jan on this site and hope to have some laughs in person again in the future! ”
—Jan & Tom Mellen

“Congratulations Nancy and Dick!

Wow! Fifty years--what a milestone. Bet you're wondering where those 50 years went. Nancy, I can't believe 14 years have gone by since we met as co-workers at M. T. Hunter, and 10 years have passed since the 4 of us traveled to Ohio to explore the concept of "Active Adult Living." It's been 7 years since we traveled to Europe with trepidation right after 9/11. We value your friendship and have enjoyed our travels and being your neigbors. May God give you many more blessings and many more wonderful years together!”
—Love, Karen & Jerry

“What a GREAT way to celebrate! Best wishes to a wonderful couple.”
—Frank Walczyk

“What a wonderful and appropriate tribute to loving parents and great friends. We value your friendship and delight in your achievement of fifty successful years of marriage. Your smiling faces and upbeat attitude are a real plus. Our trip to China with you and others in Heritage was a real highlight in our life. We love you.”
—Tom & Dottie Buran

“Wow, 50 years! What a magnificent relationship you two have had. Rachel and I are looking forward to reaching this milestone ourselves in three years. God bless you both and may you bask in the wonders that you have created.”
—Always the best, Mike

“Nancy and Dick,

Heartfelt congratulations on reaching this momentous milestone. Not many couples achieve this. We will be joining this exclusive club in January 2009. Very nice job on the website. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Do try to stop and see us on one of your Florida trips. We are close to both Tampa and Orlando and our friends and kids frequently tell us we are running a "Five Star Resort". The latch string is always out. Again, congrats and good luck on adding another 50 years. If this seems like a bit of a stretch, then go for another 25 and check to see what is on the horizon. ”
—Love, Carol and Chuck

“Congratulations Dick and Nancy.

Welcome to the fifty years of marriage club. Kay and I signed up for another 25 years when we reached that milestone a couple of years ago. In our opinion it only gets better the longer you are married. God bless you and give you many more wonderful years together. ”
—Love, Ray and Kay

Thank you for stopping by and reminiscing with us.
However large or small, you've been a part of Dick's & Nancy's lives and you are appreciated.